The lindell Difference

Technology and Innovation

Vacuum-infused fiberglass is extremely strong and rigid yet much lighter than aluminum or traditional hand-laid fiberglass hulls. Paired with cutting-edge, highly fuel-efficient propulsion systems and substantial fuel capacity, our vessels can travel 500 miles or more without stopping at a fuel dock. The latest in sonar and GPS tech makes sure you’ll travel safely and securely knowing exactly where you are and the best path forward. Read more about the technology we employ to make that happen. 

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Fishing capabilities

While a liveaboard yacht may serve many purposes–cruising, exploring, whale watching, scuba diving, hunting, surf access–ours were designed with angling on the mind. From Baja California to the Aleutian Islands, Lindells are being used by diehard anglers to reach and catch the biggest and most revered sport fishes in the sea. With the best-available technology and the most deck space in class, you can take your fishing to a level you’d never before dreamed.

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Elegant and understated, our vessels embody the timeless character of the Puget Sound pilothouse liveaboard with a strength and durability forged in Southeast Alaska. The interiors are intelligently designed to let you and your family or crew rest easy and eat well after a long day of cruising or fishing. With two comfortable berths, a spacious head, full galley, and many more appointments, you can stay comfortable for weeks at a time. Read more about the amenities packed in the pilothouse here. 

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