Fishing Capabilities

Largest Cockpit in Class

You never wish you had less deck space when you’re bringing a big halibut or bluefin onboard. Lindell Yachts provide more room outside than any other vessels in our size range–giving you more space to rig rods, fight fish, or simply lounge in the sun. The second steering station allows you to stay on deck and in the action while controlling the boat and viewing the same sonar and mapping displays you would at the helm. Tackle drawers and rigging stations come custom to each angler’s needs, as do livewells, rod launchers, and anything else you can think of. This is simply the best fishing platform you’ll find anywhere.

Custom Livewell Configurations

Do you live-line menhaden or mackerel? Mooch herring or soak squid? We can place ocean-aerated livewell center deck San Diego style, on the transom with a bait station, or under the eave by your tackle. The last thing we want is for you to run out of bait.

Dynamic Positioning System

The Pinnacle. The Bank. The Wreck. The Seamount. Seafaring culture is rife with these hallowed spots. Oftentimes it’s the only place to be if you want to catch fish–especially if you want to catch the fish. But anyone who’s operated a hand-tiller skiff on current with a simple depth sounder will tell you how incredibly hard it can be to hold position over the sweet spot. We’ve solved that problem. 

With the push of a button, Volvo Penta can articulate the lower unit pods independently to hold your exact location. It compensates constantly for the forces of wind, waves, and current to keep you in perfect position for docking, idling in the refueling line, waiting for a bridge to open, or staying dead-centered on top of the school.

Slow Troll Mode

No kickers required with these engines. The Volvo Penta IPS system allows you to move at an absolute crawl to work that dodger or diver just right. Slow Troll Mode lowers boat speed at idle by 50%, allowing you to troll as slowly as you need. It’s perfect for navigating marinas and canals too, and doesn’t require any different controls at either steering station.

Sportfish Mode

A black marlin at close range will wrap every teaser line or land in your cockpit or spool you out if you can’t pour on the coals right now. Volvo Penta’s Sportfish Mode allows you to spin your boat on its own axis or follow a fish backward using the same standard controls–all without a rudder. Big game fishing tournaments are won and lost at the captain’s hands on the helm. These ultra-modern engines will make sure you don’t lose the fish or the competition.

You Tell Us

Every Lindell is hand-built to custom specifications at our boatyard in Washington’s Skagit River Valley. That means if you have a vision for your perfect fishing platform, we will build it for you. Would you like a sealed fish hold with an ice chipper? No problem. Want a flying bridge or a fighting chair? Easy. Want a tuna tower? That can be designed and arranged through our partners. Through-hull, live-scope sonar? You got it. We partner with top-of-the-line manufacturers to install the latest tech and gear in all our fishing machines. Let’s go make yours.