Technology and Innovation

Volvo Penta IPS

Lindell Yachts partners with Volvo to offer the most advanced marine propulsion platform available. Volvo’s proprietary Penta Independent Propulsion System utilizes two individually maneuverable pod drives under the hull. Each pod can be articulated independently to direct propeller thrust whichever direction you need it—no rudders required.

This flexibility endows the boat with uncanny agility; the ability to turn on a dime, carve tight corners at speed, and literally spin on the boat’s own axis. Best of all, you can drive it with a joystick. It goes without saying these capabilities also make negotiating tight passages and busy marinas a breeze. Lindell’s Volvo Penta controls allow you to simply pull up to the slip then manipulate the joystick for intuitive, effortless docking.

Volvo Pentas are also among the most responsible boat engines available. They use 30% less fuel for their power rating, while releasing 30% less CO2. That technology yields a longer cruising range, higher top speed, and half the perceived noise level of most boat engines. Pentas are available in twin 600 or twin 650 horsepower configurations. Once you run these independent pod drives, it’s hard to go back to anything else.

Mercury Verado

For boaters who prefer outboards, we do it big. Lindell Yachts engineers were early adopters of the latest and greatest in large vessel outboard technology: the Mercury Verado.

The first-ever V12 powerhead in an outboard engine, the Verado provides instant acceleration, heavy-duty torque, and a host of other first-of-its-kind titles: First two-speed transmission in an outboard. First outboard with independently-steerable gear case. Lower units pivot separate from the upper, allowing for quicker turning and freeing up transom space for multi-engine rigging. Cutting-edge contra-rotating propellers deliver startling acceleration, handling, and efficiency for big boats. You won’t believe how fast these outboards will jump you up on plane.

A fully-reimagined cowl keeps the motor quiet and virtually vibration-free, while making service a breeze. The digital throttle system maximizes engine operation and fuel efficiency to provide an unmatched level of responsiveness and intuitive operation. Lindell Yacht transoms can be configured to support either twin 600-horse V12 Verados or triple 400-horse V10s.

Vacuum Infusion

Traditional fiberglassing is heavy and wasteful. Rather than allowing resin to inconsistently seep into the fiber fabric on its own, Lindell uses a strong vacuum force to remove the air between the glass fibers and coring, drawing resin in to fill the space. The result is a consistent and ideal 1:1 ratio of fiberglass to resin, creating a stronger, lighter-weight construction that transforms the range, rigidity, and handling of our boats.

Revolutionary in the ship-building world, this process does add significant time and complexity in manufacturing—but the final product is much lighter, stiffer, and stronger. That allows Lindells to run faster, go further, and withstand anything the seas can conjure.

Gyroscopic Stabilization

We partner with the world leader in marine stabilization technology to provide the smoothest ride and relaxation you’ll find on the water. Seakeeper utilizes advanced gyroscopic technology to eliminate up to 95% of boat roll, keeping everyone on board comfortable and focused on the task at hand. This is a game-changer whether you experience sea-sickness or not.

Blue water Desalination

Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink. It’s the ancient paradox of long-distance ocean travel. Luckily, modern technology has solved that problem. We build our boats with Blue Water Express XT Desalinators that can produce up to 600 gallons of fresh, drinkable water every day. These units are compact, simple to operate, and allow you to keep finding fish or new horizons when others have to find a port.

Garmin Navigation

We partner with Garmin because 99% of boaters already know how to use their systems. Not only is the touch-screen user interface similar to most hand-held devices, it’s simply intuitive. Garmin offers state-of-the-art chart plotters, radar, and sonar systems featuring all-in-one solutions with inputs for third party devices when necessary. The menu system allows both novice and advanced users to dive deeper into the inner workings, access data, and customize the system to their needs. Garmin has incredible customer service, meaning access to knowledgeable help is only a phone call away. We can work with other electronics manufacturers as well.

C-Zone Digital Switching

We first moved away from physical DC switching to reclaim the space required for all that antiquated hardware and wiring. As we’ve evolved with the C-Zone Digital Switching system, the advanced troubleshooting and monitoring features have become invaluable. The ability to simply bypass a digital switch to put the circuit into a fuse-protected direct connection is elegant in its simplicity and easy for even the novice to utilize.

Victron Energy Systems

We use Victron for our battery and charging system because they build extremely durable and robust DC power management solutions. With an extremely easy-to-navigate user interface, boat operators can easily manage this system on board or remotely–even without earning an electrical engineering degree. This platform also allows the Lindell Team to assist with troubleshooting and educating our clients when the inevitable power management issues arise.

Webasto Heating and Air Conditioning

Webasto HVAC offers powerful, easy-to-use heating and cooling solutions for the wide variety of climates in which our vessels operate. Dialing in your perfect cabin climate is as simple as the push of a button. Thanks to our long relationship with Webasto’s servicing distributor, Sure Marine, we are able to realize unparalleled customer service.