About us

Talent, combined with passion, dedication and experience, creates exceptional results.


He knew what he loved.

Jim Lindell’s passion for boat building began at an early age. Growing up on the waters surrounding Camano Island, Washington, Jim built his first boat by the age of 18, utilizing his own natural skills and acquired knowledge. Working for Glassply Boat Company, he learned the fundamentals of fiberglass manufacturing techniques that ultimately led him into a lifelong journey of master composite boat building.

From fisherman to builder.

Jim’s zeal for boat building was united with the desire to match both form and function. While working as a commercial gillnet fisherman in Alaska, he witnessed first-hand boats that were poorly built and unable to safely handle the treacherous waters and conditions. That winter, he built himself his own fiberglass gillnetter “Gold Rush” – a 42 foot masterpiece. And because of the composite construction, it was fast and handled rough seas like no other boat. It out performed all of the competition.

A reputation earned.

Fishermen flocked to his design and he began building boats for others during the commercial fishing off-season. Within just a couple of years, Jim was known as the “master boat builder” of the commercial fishing community, and there was a waiting list to get one of his prized boats. Everything Jim made was done to the absolute highest standards. Unmatched in quality and perhaps over-engineered for their purpose, his boats became known as the “Rolls-Royces of the Southeast fisheries.”

When it's right, it's right.

The demand for his boats led him to build over 50 custom gillnetters – all of which are still in service today and now valued at substantially more than they were when originally purchased. Jim’s commercial fishing days were eventually replaced with year round boat manufacturing. He continued working on the forefront of fiberglass technology and manufacturing processes and moved into building both commercial and recreation boats. He built the Skagit Orca and went on to design/build his own 36’ Lindell Sport Fisher.

Oceansport to Lindell.

In 2000, Jim partnered with Ron Meng of Island Marine Center to design and build the Oceansport Roamer 30 utilizing the latest vacuum infusion fiberglass technology. As one of very few people with the skill and knowledge to do so, Jim extended or “stretched” the back deck on the Oceansport to create the now well-known Oceansport Roamer 33. Like all of Jim’s work, the Oceansport was a combination of supreme form and function, engineered and built to the utmost highest quality.

State-of-the-Art today.

In 2016, Jim partnered with Brian Kott, boating enthusiast and businessman, to create a new line of recreational and prosumer sport utility yachts. Once again matching supreme state-of-the-art build quality with form and function, Lindell Yachts (Lindell 42/46 Volvo IPS and Lindell 38 Yamaha outboard) are created for extreme ocean adventure and fishing, with the fit and finish of a luxury sport utility vessel. Like all of Jim’s boats, these can be customized to fit needs and desires of each individual boater to create the dream of a lifetime.

As one long time boater put it – “What do you expect? It’s a Lindell!”